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Secured by Electronic Lock c/w Overriding Key


  • Opal 4112 is designed to protect limited amount of cash and valuables within a domestic or small office surrounding.
  • It offers protection and convenience to both homes & small offices.
  • Comes standard with base bolting facility for floor mounting.
  • Fitted with electronic lock come with overriding key to access the safe if there is an accidental of lockout.
  • Operate using 4 units of "AA" size batteries.
  • Clear LED Display Screen with large keypad buttons.
  • Fire Resistance - ONE Hour fire protection certified by SP NT-Fire 017 - 60 Paper.
  • Comes standard with 1 plastic tray and 1 adjustable shelf.
  • Battery Level Indicator "L_batt" display on screen.
  • Lockout feature with quick beeps will sound for approximately 3 minutes should there be 5 unauthorized attempts to open the safe.