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Secured by Electronic Lock Only (S&G Spartan-Square Bolt)


• Combined fire and burglary protection in one safe.
• EN 14450 certified by ECB•S to level S2 burglary protection.
• EN 15659 certified by ECB•S for 30-minute fire protection for
• Choice of 4 sizes: from 36- to 91-litre capacity.
• All sizes fitted standard with EN 1300 certified electronic lock.
• Dual base fixing holes, supplied with two concrete anchor bolts.
• Ideal safe for protecting cash and valuable items, as well as
passports, title deeds and other important documents in the home
and office.
• The safe door is secured using the new revolutionary “V” bolt
system. The design of the locking bolts helps maintain door integrity
both when under physical attack and during a fire.