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SUPREME MEDIHEALTH (408302-D) is principally engaged in distribution, import and export of Pharmaceutical, Hospital Furniture, Over-The-Counter, Food Supplements, Disposable Medical Products, Medical Devices, Lab Equipment as well as Diagnostic Test Kits.

SUPREME MEDIHEALTH was established to provide a full range of medical supply solutions as well as other niche services in the healthcare sector. We represent a wide range of branded medical and healthcare products to the medical profession and the public throughout Malaysia.

We offer the most complete, highest value line of medical equipment and supplies which range from simple disposable such as gauze, gloves, face masks, catheters, surgical tapes etc. to home device such as glucose meters, high blood pressure meters to sophisticated equipment like Ultrasound machine, Ventilators, EWSL.

We also specialise in home healthcare products. We supply disposable wears as well as equipment and mobility products. Our products are of a high quality and are sourced from many of the top manufacturers in Europe, USA and Asia.

As your source for the finest home healthcare supplies and equipment, we are committed to provide you with the utmost in product quality and customer service.

We strived for 100% customers' satisfaction and will always ensure that you will have the most pleasant buying experience with us. As always, customer service and customer satisfaction are our prime focus. We continuously learn more about our customers' needs and how to best serve them. Our highly trained staffs are always here to help you make the best choices of your needs.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Hospital Furniture
  • Food Supplements
  • Disposable Medical Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Lab Furniture & Equipment
  • Diagnostic Test Kits


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