Supreme Higher Education Solutions

Leverage the power of design to inspire great learning and teaching environments

For over 30 years, we’ve worked with higher education organizations around the world to develop interior spaces that inspire, evolve and endure.  We understand the complexities of planning for inevitable change on campus and the critical need for multipurpose furnishings that can adapt over time.

Space matters – it is a key factor in attracting and retaining both students and faculty.  Supreme offers numerous solutions appropriate across campus – whether for high visibility areas like libraries and residence halls, or for hard working areas like laboratories and active learning classrooms.  While there is a spectrum of needs within these different spaces – from casual to formal, impromptu to planned, open to enclosed – research confirms the importance of distinct choices for each type of interactivity.

Learning Spaces

Fostering Student and Faculty Engagement

To create effective and efficient learning environments, you need adaptable, durable furniture that can flex to the task at hand.  From lecture halls to active learning classrooms, Supreme furnishings help create dynamic learning environments that enhance the student’s academic experience.

Community Spaces

Building Strong Ties on Campus

A thriving university or college campus requires spaces that can attract and retain students, convey the proper brand image, foster community interaction and cultivate alumni support.  Supreme offers a wide variety of furnishings that can not only help create beautiful common spaces but are also durable, adaptable, enduring and sustainable.  Our furniture is a flexible platform for ever changing technology – we can support needs today and tomorrow.

Faculty and Administrative Spaces

Effective Spaces can be a Powerful Workplace Tool

Universities and colleges demand a variety of enclosed and open plan solutions that support diverse individual work styles and provide multiple opportunities for collaborative work and group activities.  Our high-performance products are designed to effectively support various work modes – individual, focused work; shared work centering on the exchange of ideas or team work that depends on the collective wisdom of the group.