Safety Boxes (CHUBB safes etc.)

Trusted the world over, Chubbsafes is a leading international security supplier providing solutions for cash and valuable storage, data and document protection.

Chubb Safes cash safes offer burglary protection in different levels, from uncertified to S1-S2 and Grade 0-VI. They are available in different sizes, designs, and with an extensive range of interior fittings.
Mini Banker Safe is a low to medium security safe designed ideally for small business and homes to protect valuables and documents.
Fortress Safe is specially designed using improved burglar and fire resistant materials for high density and strength for the protection of important documents, cash and valuables against burglary and fire.
Custodian Safe is a medium security safe designed to offer high burglar protection for cash and valuables. The Custodian Safe was carefully researched and developed with emphasis on resistance against sophisticated burglary attacks.